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it all started when...


Todd Scattini asked Robert Head to help put on a mixer after the West Point vs. Air Force Academy football game in Arlington, Texas. The mixer was used to highlight the positive impact cannabis is having on veterans’ lives. It was a huge success that led to the development of Hemp for Victory. We’re a non-profit dedicated to educating the public about why veterans are using cannabis over pills. 

Today, our board of directors has grown to almost half a dozen leaders with military, medical, and academic backgrounds. We’re on a mission to educate and bring awareness to the natural solution of cannabis as a way for veterans to manage mental and physical challenges as a result of their service.

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understanding the unique challenges of veterans


Veterans are important to the American people because of their selfless service and sacrifice for the country. They’re recognized as national heroes and deeply valued for their contributions and sacrifices to the United States.

They also bring unique skills and experiences to society, making them valuable contributors to the workforce. However, veterans often face unique challenges when transitioning back to civilian life, and it is important for the American people to recognize and support these challenges.



a case for cannabis


One of the many benefits of serving in the military is the concept of the unit or team being utilized to accomplish the mission. Sadly, For many of our veterans, that is something that is decidedly lacking when they leave the service. Many veterans end up feeling isolated as if they have nothing useful to provide to the world after service. Through cannabis and proper therapy, veterans are finding peace and happiness.


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our mission


The mission of Hemp for Victory is to educate and bring awareness to all levels of leadership in our communities, industries, and government about Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis; and the positive effect it has on helping veterans manage their mental and physical recovery from serving.

our vision


Veterans will be supported in their choice and face no discrimination or penalty for the use of Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis.

our values



We recognize and support all veterans’ voices and are committed to open dialogue with community leaders, decision-makers, partners, and supporters.



We are committed to learning from research, dialogue, and experience.

mission heart


We operate from a mission heart experience rooted in emapthy, patience, and understanding, always putting veterans first.



We will use proper citations, peer review research, and acknowlege both pros and cons of any position.

General Information

Who we are, what we do?

Hemp For Victory’s purpose is to create an understanding about veterans use of Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis as a healthy way to manage their mental and physical challenges as result of their service.

How do we achieve this?

We support best practice research that increases awareness about the benefits of Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis and how it impacts veterans lives positively. We work with government, community leaders, and law makers to support veterans’ decisions to use Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis, without prejudice as they recover from the mental and physical impact from serving. We collaborate with veterans’ families and their supporters about the benefits of Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis.


Who are our target audiences?

Veterans, their Families, and Supporters, Community Leaders & Elected Officials. Military Leadership, Industry leaders, and Community Partners.


What programs and services do we provide?

Panel Discussions: Hosting veterans speaking about industrial hemp and veterans' role in that industry and what the government can provide to address their needs.

Hosting Discussions with Government and Military Leadership: We host discussions with high-level leadership about how veterans are using a comprehensive approach to their health and how these departments can react positively to support this choice.

Promoting Credible Information: Peer review information (books, journals, articles, websites, documentaries) through our podcasts, panel discussions, meetings on the benefits of Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis.


How you can support Hemp for Victory

Supporting Hemp for Victory is an extremely rewarding experience. You will find that your work will be very satisfying knowing that: 


  • You are supporting programs for veterans and their families managing their physical and mental health challenges from serving. 

  • You are bringing awareness to the community, lawmakers, and government officials on the important benefits that cannabis has in helping veterans effectively manage their post-traumatic stress disorder and mental health.

  • You are helping veterans live meaningful and productive lives.


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