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With a focus on education, support, and advocacy, our non-profit has created an exciting lineup of programs and events. Our intention is to provide leaders, community members, and veterans with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities they need to understand the benefits of cannabis for physical and mental well-being. We believe that with understanding comes compassion and action. We hope to ignite a sense of community and champion the integration of cannabis into the lives of our deserving veterans.

Cannabis Reality: A podcast about cannabis from an academic perspective for leaders

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Cannabis Reality: Addiction, part 1


Welcome to Hemp for Victory, a non-profit organization committed to raising awareness by empowering thought leaders to educate others. In this enlightening YouTube episode, join us as we delve into the world of chemical addiction with our esteemed board members: Robert Head, Dr. Darina Douchi, and Dr. Corey Burchman. Discover how cannabis and the endocannabinoid system are playing a pivotal role in developing groundbreaking therapies that have the potential to make a significant impact on addiction. Don't miss this informative discussion! Part 1

Cannabis Reality: addiction part 2



Cannabis Reality: Addiction part 3



our Current programs

ongoing seminars

We educate local community leaders, government, and elected officials about Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis and the type of markets they will see in their communities.


Silver-haired legislature for Kansas




Canna-Tech conference, Kansas City, MO




texas live event

We hold an annual event catered to the alumni of West Point and the Air Force Academy. The goal is to promote Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis legalization to those who were former military leaders and are now business and community leaders. 


panel discussions

We facilitate panel discussions focused on topics that concern veterans and the cannabis industry. Below, board members Dr. Darina Douchi and Robert Head speak at the American College for Healthcare Executives conference about cannabis and hospital SOPs. The question of legalization is not being answered here. Instead, the question of how to implement this medicine into the current hospital system was. 

Hemp for Victory Podcast

We host our own podcast discussing veteran issues with cannabis.

Texas Hemp Summit

We hold an annual veteran panel about industrial hemp, veterans' roles in that industry, and what assistance the government can provide

Texas Hemp Summit

Government Relations

We have ongoing discussions with government departments about how veterans are using a comprehensive approach to their health and how these departments can react positively to support this choice.

New Coalition Launches Campaign in Support of Cannabis Scheduling Reform

We are delighted to announce that Hemp for Victory is now a part of the esteemed Coalition for Cannabis Scheduling Reform, joining hands with numerous like-minded organizations to drive the progress of legalization forward. Through the critical process of descheduling/rescheduling, we have the potential to bring about significant positive changes within the veteran's community.

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New Coalition Launches Campaign in Support of Cannabis Scheduling Reform

Letter to Biden

Thanks to Marijuana Moment and all those that work there to keep the industry in the "know". Click on the link below to read MM article on the letter to Biden. 

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Educational Promotions

We promote credible evidence and peer-review information (books, journals, articles, websites, documentaries) on the benefits of Industrial Hemp, CBD, and Medical Cannabis.

help us educate more people on the positive effects of cannabis for our veterans

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